Care2Save is an online shopping affiliate that allows shoppers to support charities by purchasing items and at no extra cost to them. This non-profit website gives 100% of the commission that is generated from the sites online shopping. Its founder, Andrea Ladeira is the director of the business and support services of St Luke’s Hospice in Cheshire. The idea behind Care2Save is to collect funds from the commission of their products and service partners to donate to the hospice and other related charities that their shoppers prefer.

Andrea Ladeira believed that in being able to donate a certain amount of money into the corporate sector and collect those earnings to deliver it into the charity sector, it will benefit a lot more people. There are several products under the Care2Save umbrella one of which is a home insurance product under Reach Financial Services. This was their first product upon launching last April this year. Now, there over 50 products that have joined including notable brands such as Laura Ashley, Boots, WH Smith, House of Fraser, BT, Debenhams, Monarch and O2.

With Ladeira’s extensive background in the corporate setting having been worked at companies like AXA and Royal, GlaxoSmith Klein, and Sun Alliance, she intended to bring these corporate ideas into the charitable market to gain profits mainly for charity.

This charity works in a way that shoppers buy online via their Care2Save portal. They are given an option to choose where they will be donating the commission the site receives from their purchases. Out of the 100% donated, 80% goes to the customer’s chosen charity. The remaining 20% goes to the Care2Save Charitable Trust that helps in hospices and palliative care all around the world.

There is a portion of the 20% that goes to labour and maintenance of the site. However, with only 7 staff including the founder herself working for Care2Save, the expenses are minimal. Their products and partners  are usually the ones that do all the ground works, employ their own staffs, set-up call center agents, ands maintain their company. The only duty assigned to Care2Save is to refer clients into the site to be able to have buyers that will generate commissions. They plan to be self sustaining by means of getting funding from outside company, so that all commissions will be sent to the charities.